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VLAN Setup in GBE2C

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VLAN Setup in GBE2C

Hi all, I'm trying to set up a GBE2C switch. I need to create 2 VLANs, IDs are 10 and 15.

- Port 20 will be the port in common to the STD VLAN(1), VLAN(10) and VLAN(15). I guess it has to have VLAN Tagging ENABLED, and PVID Tagging ENABLED.
- Port 1 will be the port to VLAN(10). I therefore created a VLAN with ports 1 and 20 in it.
- Port 9 will be the port to VLAN(15). I therefore created a VLAN with ports 9 and 20 in it.
- Ports 1 and 9 are VLAN Tagging DISABLED, and PVID Tagging ENABLED.
- Ports 1 and 9 are of course both mapping to a Server in bay 1, but on this server NIC bonding/Vlans have been set up so that independent VLANs are mapped to eth0 and eth1. Let's take for granted that this configuration on the server is correct.

Result is that from "outside", I cannot ping/use anything in the logical VLANs that have been configured on the Server attached to ports 1 or 9.

If I for instance make port 1 a member of the standard VLAN and remove it from VLAN(10), then I can ping/see/use a Virtual Machine on the other side (in its own logical VLAN on the physical server mapped to ports 1 and 9).

Any ideas?

Sorry if my English is not good enough to describe this, and thank you in anticipation for any hints...