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VLAN Tagging over wireless

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VLAN Tagging over wireless

Hi All

Something is not working how i think it should.

I have a 5400 core, with 4 VLANS.
vlan 1 = subnet 11
vlan 2 = subnet 1
vlan 3 - subnet 2
vlan 10 - subnet 3

I have some wireless access points (420s).
I have just tried to add a second SSID and use VLAN tagging to have 2 wireless networks.

I have SSID1 as vlan 1 untagged
I have SSID2 as vlan 3 tagged.

On the 5400 where they connect into I have the ports they connect to as untagged vlan 1 and tagged vlan 3.

When clients connect they only recieve the IP address for the untagged vlan regardless of which SSID they connect into.

What am i missing?

Thanks in Advance
Frequent Advisor

Re: VLAN Tagging over wireless

I Should think more before posting.

I forgot to enable VLAN support.

Administrator - Management Tab (if anyone is looking for it).