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VLAN advice needed

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VLAN advice needed

I will be creating about 4 new vlan's on our network, primarily for segmenting the network. The switches will be mostly older HP4000's, but there is a HP2626, a HP 2650, and a HP5406xl that most of the switches connect to.

I am looking for some advice of an outline to follow, something similar to the following:

1 identify the ports per switch that need to be VLAN'd.
2. Create the VLAN and unique VLAN ID on each switch.
3.Assign each VLAn a unique IP address with corresponding subnet/CIDR.
4.Assign the trunk ports on each switch and the other end that the switch is connected to.

I have some questions concerning the proper steps to follow, and is it still correct that only one instance of STP is allowed? So each of the new VLAN's will nbot have STP on it?

Also, I assume a dhcp helper address or forwarder will be required for each vlan?

How do I set the vlan to contact the DNS server?

As you can tell, I am new to this process, so any advice you can offer will be much appreciated?
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: VLAN advice needed

"I will be creating about 4 new vlan's on our network, primarily for segmenting the network"
apearently you allready have an idie of a new set-up?

why segmenting? to limit the number of hosts per subnet?
how is your physical layout,
- do you want vlan's to span smultiple switches?
- or do you want a sgment/subnet per switch?
- do you want redundant links?

when using spanning-tree, each vlan basically has its own spanning-tree topology.
But depending on use of STP, PVST or MST and configured stp/mst-root's your topology is realy different per vlan, or multiple vlan's have the same topology.