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VLAN beginner

Occasional Contributor

VLAN beginner

i have a procurve 3500yl switch
i have created 3 vlans
vlan 1,
vlan 2,
vlan 3

port 10, server 1
port 11, server 2
port 12, server 3
my first question i want vlan 3 to be able to talk with port 11 and port 12 only, how can i do this?

second question is how can i enable route between vlan 3 and vlan 1, whats the command?

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN beginner


If you kept ports 10,11 & 12 in one Vlan, they can talk to each other.

Also, Source port filters is a good solution in this case, check the following link for more information and useful examples:


Routing can be enabled by issuing the command: ip routing , in the global config prompt:

SW3500# config
SW3500(config)# ip routing

Good Luck !!!
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Carl Morss
Occasional Advisor

Re: VLAN beginner

first question:
port tagging is the answer, "forbid" all other switch ports to be a member of vlan 3.

second question:
enable ip routing from the command line, as follows:

switch# config
switch(config)# ip routing
switch(config)# wr me