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VLAN between HP and 3COM switches

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VLAN between HP and 3COM switches

I am trying to share a VLANS over two switches:

switch 1: 3COM superstack 3848

switch 2: HP V1810-48G


I configured VLAN's 300,310,320,330 on both switches


I configured one fibre port on both switches  (SW1 port 45, SW2 port 49) with:

VLAN 1 untagged

VLAN 300,310,320,330 tagged.

And added a fibre connection between them


Should  this make the VLANS that work correctly on SW1 available on SW2  or are there issues between the HP and 3COM

VLAN implementation.


My initial trials are not succesfull.

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Re: VLAN between HP and 3COM switches

I would suggest keeping the trunk/tagged ports as trunk/tagged.  I don't like mixing the Untagged and Tagged setup between switches.  It can work, but it can introduce strange things.  An alternative would be to setup a dedicated port for each vlan untagged on both sides.  This will let you connect 4 cables and each cable would send the traffic for its own vlan.  This is really an ugly solution, your trunking configuraiton would be better, but it should work.  You may have to tweak spanning tree as RSTP runs one spanning tree instance for all vlans (it ignores the vlans).