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Re: VLAN help continued

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VLAN help continued

Sorry, but I haven't been able to reply to my previous thread. As I am still a bit confused as to how to get these 2 networks to be able to communicate while also connecting to their respective internets. Attached is the diagram of the setup. The 1800 does not have any routing capabilities, so not sure what to do on that side. See attached.

Thank you!
Olaf Borowski
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Re: VLAN help continued

Mark, looking at your diagram, you have a decision to make and none of them are pretty.
According to your drawing, you have 3 routers in your network but you can only specify one default gateway on your clients.
What you should do:
1: consider the 1800 just as an extension to the 5400. Reset it to default, leave everything in VLAN 1 and assign to this VLAN (this is for management only).
2: On the 54xx, add port c21 to VLAN 1 and assign vlan 1 the address: Create a second vlan on the 5400 (100 for example) and put all the ports that belong to subnet 192.168.21.x untagged in it and assign the vlan (100) the address:
3: On your gateway, configure the following static route:
ip route
4: On the gateway configure the following static route:
ip route
This assumes, that all clients have their default gateway set to what you call the two gateways. Example: has as the default gateway.
This setup will work but you might get ICMP redirects from the gateway. If you don't control the gateways, there is another solution of making the 54xx the core router but that would require more configuration changes.