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VLAN newbie question....

Gerry Armstrong
Occasional Contributor

VLAN newbie question....

I have VLAN question. I am installing a IP telephony system that will be integrated into my data network. This system uses IP phones that have a switch port built into them to allow a PC (or other device) to connect to the network through the phone. This PC and phone will then obviously connect to the managed network switch on the same port. My question is this, am I able to configure a VLAN to control the traffic going to these two device that are actually connected to a single port on the managed switch? I personally do not believe it to be possible but would love to be proven wrong!

Ernest Ford
Trusted Contributor

Re: VLAN newbie question....

You mean control the traffic to the phone separately from the traffic to the PC (or other device)?

The answer is yes, it can be done, BUT only if the phone supports it. VLANs can be established from the end device if it is a VLAN aware device. Your switch would also have to support this method of operation