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VLAN over two ProCuve 2910al


VLAN over two ProCuve 2910al

We have two ProCurve 2910al switches, connected via 1x lwl. One 24p and one 48p. I have to configure a VLAN that spans over the two switches and connects the WLAN-devices on each side, so that they do not overlap with our internal LAN.


I can configure VLAN on each of the switches, but my problem is the configuration of VLAN over LWL. It seems i have no option to put a tagged LWL-port into a VLAN.


On the remote switch i configured VLAN like this:



PORT  1-24  = untagged



ID : 50

Every port = no

except PORT 14  = untagged ( here i have an AP connected )

except PORT 21 = tagged


I tagged Port 21, because the LWL-cable is connected to port 21a

I tested it without tagging Port 21, but the result is the same. No connection to devices on the other switch


On the local (Serverroom) switch i configured VLAN like this:



Port 1 - 48 = untagged



ID : 50

Every Port = no

except Port 38/40/42 = untagged

except Port 47 = tagged


port 47s is connected via LWL with the remote switch. Therefore i tried to set it to tagged.


Why did i do this?

As i understand, ports which have "tagged" or "untagged" are part of the VLAN.

"tagged" Ports need a device on the other side of the connection that can handle VLAN-pakets.

"untagged" ports can have devices unaware of VLAN-pakets.

Because the pakets send from the remote devices do NOT tag pakets, the pakets between the

switches have to be tagged in order to be handled correctly ( assigned to the right VLAN)

After that the pakets are routed to the other ports of the switch. As these ports have an untagged-flag the VLAN-part of

the pakets are removed.


I´ve done this configuration on two Netgear-Switches and it works perfectly, BUT between the netgear-switches i have a trunk-connection ( 2 x 1GB RJ45). This trunk is selectable in the vlan-configuration menu.

I can not find the LWL-ports on the HP-switches.


What can i do? What do i have to do?


thanks for your help.