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VLAN question, Procurve 2650

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VLAN question, Procurve 2650

I'm a newbie at this VLAN thing, so please bear with me.

I have a remote location that we access via bi-directional microwave. The link isn't that fast, and it's getting hammered by network traffic. I want to isolate that leg onto it's own VLAN. The problem is, there are machines that have to be able to talk to the equipment on the other side of the link as well as the house network. Is there a way to isolate that port, but still allow certain machines in the house network to access the remote equipment?
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Re: VLAN question, Procurve 2650


If you are using the 2650 switches, then you can do that by:

1- Create a new Vlan for that Link.
2- Untag all the ports involved with that link on both sides to this new Vlan.
3- If both sides have its own Vlan then just enable IP routing on both sides. and add a static routes to each side's networks.
4- In case you one side is primary and the other is a branch side, then

- Enable IP routing on the primary side.
- Set the default gateway of the secondary side to the primary one.

I think this info. is clear, and if you need more details, just explain more about the topology you have and the if possible attach the config of your switches.

Good Luck !!!
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