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VLAN routing performance problem

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Marius Sveckus
Occasional Visitor

VLAN routing performance problem

Hi all,

Recently we stared using routing between VLANs. We need to transfer big files (several GB) using SMB/CIFS. If client and server are on the same VLAN we can achieve speeds up to 400Mbits. But if transfer happens between routed VLANs speed drops to 100Mbits.
We use mainly ProCurve switches in our network. One 3500 as core switch terminating VLANs and doing routing between them. At the edge: 3 HP2848 (one of them with routing), 2 HP2824, 2 HP3400 (with old firmware ver. M.08.86), 2900,2650 and 4104. Couple non HP switches also.
RSTP is used. One ACL configured, no QoS, no LACP, no VRRP.
As in specification for 3500 is written Routing/Switching capacity 288Gbps so theoretically routing and switching performance should be the same or close, and we have 4 times difference in speed.
Second problem what we sometimes lose ping to one of 3400 switches; we have some application witch checks availability of both 3400 switches.
Can this performance issue be related to RSTP and default VLAN spanning over 8 switches?

thanks in advance
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN routing performance problem

hi marius
please send me show tech print all switch

Marius Sveckus
Occasional Visitor

Re: VLAN routing performance problem

I did some tests yesterday. It seems what problem might be gateway for VLAN1 (most computers connected there). Computers on VLAN1 have gw ip (firewal IP). When I changed gw on test computer to core switch IP, it helped. But later when I changed gw back to FW IP I had same speed (around 400 Mbits). Possibly FW does not do route redirection very well (if traffic goes through FW 100Mbits interface performance is not sufficient).

I am thinking to change gw for VLAN 1 to the core switch IP.

But still if you could have a look at our LAN topology ant switch config I would be much appreciated.

I think topology is not optimal and will try to convince my boss to do some optimization in near future.