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VLAN's across 2824 switches

Howard Arnold
Occasional Contributor

VLAN's across 2824 switches

I have two 2824 switches that I am using for PC traffic and I have create a VLAN 2 on each switch. I trunked ports 23 and 24 to link the switches and have included the trunk group into the VLAN. Everything seems to be working, but should I be able to see all VLAN ports from one switch. On fiber channel switches you can see the other switch ports with the domain id being defferent. I was wonder if I should be able to do the same with the 2824's.

I have not tagged the the trunk ports. Would that make a diffence? Both VLAN's are at id 2.

What I would like to do is assign an IP address that covers the VLAN's accross switches and then create a static route to my default VLAN that is connected to the router.

Does this sound like it should work?

I have read the manual, but it's not clear whether I should be able to see the VLAN's from the other switch. That is why I was wondering if I have to tag the trunk ports. I only have VLAN 2 traffic on those trunks it's just VLAN 2 is on two seperate switches.


Joel Belizario
Trusted Contributor

Re: VLAN's across 2824 switches

I don't think the any of the ProCurve switches have this capability - have you tried using ProCurve Manager?

I assume the trunk link is working as you have not said otherwise?