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VLAN's on 2824

Jonathan de Beere
Occasional Contributor

VLAN's on 2824


I am in the process of creating 4 VLAN’s on a 2824 switch, which is connected to a Sonicwall NSA240 firewall which is the Internet Gateway and I need some advice. The switch has the latest firmware.

The 4 VLAN’s are
10.0.10.x ID2 for Video Conferencing, Port 2-4
10.0.20.x ID3 for VOIP Phones, Port 5-9
10.0.30.x ID4 for Wireless AP, Port 10
10.0.40.x ID5 for PC’s, Port 11-20

The Sonicwall is connected to port 1 of the switch and has an IP address of

I want VLAN’s 2 and 5 to talk to each other and browse the internet through the Sonicwall.

Please can you advise on the configuration that I require. I ideally want traffic on Port 2 to take priority over other traffic, is this possible?

Many Thanks
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN's on 2824

hi Jon

fristly ip routing must be enable on switch

and you make static route config
sonicwall and procurve switch

1-you write ip route command on switch to sonicwall

2-you must be write static route commad on sonicwall to switch 10.0.10.x

each vlan member pc default gateway address must be vlan ip address
for example vlan 5 member pc
connect vlan 5 untag port
ip address
subnet mask
default gateway 10.0.40.x