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VLAN setup on Procurve 2626

Jon Laycock
Occasional Contributor

VLAN setup on Procurve 2626

I am setting up a VLAN for our VoIP telephones.

At the moment i have setup a Voice VLAN 2 using procurve manager and put the necessary switches in it. I have also tagged all the ports.
On the switch itself i have used the following command Vlan 2 qos priority 5 to configure the Vlan priority.

When i issue the show qos vlan priority command i get the following:-

VLAN priorities

VLAN ID Apply rule | DSCP Priority
------- ----------- + ------ -----------
1 No-override | No-override
2 Priority | 5

I have setup the phones so that they are in VLAN 2 and they seem to be working.

Do i need to do anything else. This all seems too easy.

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: VLAN setup on Procurve 2626

If the voice traffic is remaining in that one VLAN, then that's all you need to do.

If you were routing the traffic, then you'd also want to use DSCP and would need to map the DSCP to an 802.1p value.
Jon Laycock
Occasional Contributor

Re: VLAN setup on Procurve 2626

Cheers Matt.

I want to keep all the VoIP traffic seperate and i have left off routing so that no one on Vlan 1 can browse the telephones web pages.