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VLAN traffic passing

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VLAN traffic passing

I have a HP Procurve 2524 that is at factory defaults. I need to attach a WAP with 2 SSIDs with 2 VLANS defined to the HP. Vlan1 as the default and Vlan8. The HP is attached to a Cisco 2960 switch port that allows Vlan 1 and 8 to pass. Will the HP pass VLAN1 and VLAN8 tags to the Cisco by default.
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Re: VLAN traffic passing

On the port connected to the Cisco switch, tag that port on VLAN 8 and keep it untagged on VLAN1 since Cisco also has this VLAN as the Native VLAN.

Not on the Cisco side make sure that the port is configured as dot1q encapsulation and trunk, and make sure that VLAN 1 is the native VLAN.

In this case traffic for VLAN 1 will pass untagged and for VLAN 8 it will pass tagged.