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VLAN with Trunking LACP

Syed Asif Zaheer
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VLAN with Trunking LACP


We have HP Procurve Switch 5406zl configured with inter routing VLANs
and having having Intel Blade Center SBCE.

When iam Trunking C18,C19,C20 its removing from VLAN11 all are untagged in 5406zl.

i want to trunks ports which are in vlan11 to connect to Bladecenter Intel SBCE

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Re: VLAN with Trunking LACP

I am not sure if this is your problem, but perhaps:

when you create a LACP trunk from some interfaces, say C18-C20, and these are already tagged members of some VLANs - the settings will be lost, and you will have to attach the new interface (Trk1 perhaps) to be a tagged/untagged member of the same VLAN:s as before.