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Dear All,

I need some Help in VLAN details are below

Departments : 15

VLAN : 15

1. All the users of there departments needs to be in diffrent VLAN.

2. A particular machine can be shared by resources from various department. so single desktop should not be associated with a particular vlan.

3. The association of vlan with a resource should happen on authentication.

4. A resource can be part of multiple vlans. then resource should be able to select the vlan while setting authenticated.

Can we do it this by installing RADIUS server and can give authentication for the users so when ever and where ever they can access the vlans

if so can any one send me a sample config

Thanks and Regards

Chris Stave


sounds like something the Procurve Identity Driven Manager would be great for.

(and just in case that html didn't work, here's a link to the IDM page):