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VLANS, Multinetting Et

Lee Barron
Occasional Contributor

VLANS, Multinetting Et


We are fast running out of IP addresses on our network. We currently have a single subnet (192.168.0.x) and I would like to split this up into 2 or maybe more subnets. We have 2 x Procurve 5308xl switches and about 18 x Procurve 2524 switches scattered around and some none managed older switches. I know we could change the subnet mask to give ourselves more addreses but I don't really want to increase the broadcast domain. I don't know much about VLANs but I assume due to the size of the network we would have a lot of switches to setup the VLAN's on?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: VLANS, Multinetting Et

hi Lee
you can want split subnets fairly meaningless for network because many local network major problem hight broatcast and local security

for sperate broadcast domain only way vlan because broadcast occur L2 enviroment

you can want spearate broadcast domain on your network you make vlan's configuration.