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VLANS On 3 Procurve 1700 Switches

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VLANS On 3 Procurve 1700 Switches

Hi All,

I have a Cisco 871 and 3 Procurve 1700 switches. I am trying to configure switches 2 and 3 to be on their own VLANs for security reasons.

I have the Cisco router setup for 40 or so VLANS (using sub interfaces). With the current configuration the first switch works perfect. Ports are on their own VLAN and DHCP comes up perfectly.

The problem I run into is hooking up the second switch through the first. Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

Cisco Router <----> Switch 1 Port 24
Switch 1 Port 23 <-----> Switch 2 Port 24
(and with a little luck)
Switch 2 Port 23 <-------> Switch 3 Port 24

I am not spanning a couple of VLANS across multiple switches. I am trying to have different VLANS on each switch. This is where I get hung.

For example:
Switch 1 VLANS: 1-10
Switch 2 VLANS: 11-20
Switch 3 VLANS: 21-30

So my questions boils down to how can you make
Switch 1 Port 24 pass packets for VLAN 13 to Port 23 (uplink to second switch) to Switch 2 Port 24 then to the VLAN? Wierd tagging or trunking?

I have attached the config for Switch 1 and 2.

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Re: VLANS On 3 Procurve 1700 Switches

you must have one VLAN for transfers across your switches and tag the uplinks into this.

Otherwise there is no possibility to connect the three devices to your CISCO router.

If I where you I make an transfer-lan and assign an IP to the switches. The GW is the ip from your CISCO.
Nobody in your LAN can connect the switches because they are in an other network.