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VLANs and Teamed NICs

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VLANs and Teamed NICs

I have a DL380G4 with two internal NC373i NICs that I have teamed using the HP Network Configuration Utility.

I have a Procurve 2848 switch with a couple of VLANs, all running their own 192.168.202.* subnets. However, when I try to tag the (2) NC373i teamed ports to anything but the default_VLAN on the 2848, the switch insists on "moving" it, dyn1, to the default_VLAN.

Anyone have a clue?

Many Thanks!
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: VLANs and Teamed NICs

It's creating an automatic LACP (802.3ad) trunk. On the ProCurve, create a static LACP trunk, from there you can then assign the trunk to whatever VLANs you require:


2848(config)# trunk 1-2 trk1 lacp
2848(config)# vlan 2
2848(vlan-2)# tagged trk1
2848(config)# vlan 3
2848(vlan-2)# tagged trk1


Re: VLANs and Teamed NICs

Thx Matt. You helped direct me to the "right" place in the documentation that notes that dynamic trunks get assigned to the default_vlan, unless GVRP is turned on (not desired for my purposes). Your fix was spot on.