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VLANs and port trunking

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VLANs and port trunking

We have a trunk group of 4 ports configured as members of the same port trunk between two 5300xl switches. This trunk has been formed like a static LACP trunk. In each switch there are defined several VLANs. Can the trunk port belong to all the VLANs defined in addition to the DEFAULT_VLAN? I have read the Managament and Configuration Guide but this is not clear for me.
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: VLANs and port trunking


yes this is possible. You can do that with the following command:

5300xl(vlan-1)#tagged trk1
5300xl(vlan-2)#tagged trk1

Just make sure that for everyone VLAN the trunk is a tagged member. If needed/wanted the trunk can be an untagged member for one VLAN. Just make sure it's the same on both switches.

Re: VLANs and port trunking

Thank a lot!

Do you know if can I do the same if the trunk is defined as dynamic LACP?

5300xl(vlan-1)#tagged Dyn1
5300xl(vlan-2)#tagged Dyn1
Hugo Tigre
Trusted Contributor

Re: VLANs and port trunking

Hi claramunt,

U can't do the same to a dynamic link, like "dyn1", and if u try u will receave a message like "dyn1: Inconsistent value."

Dynamic links don't even appear in the menu -> VLAN Port Assignment.

A final note if u want't to use dynamic links "lacp active ports" and vlans, u will have to also have GVRP active and block the ports in the default vlan (in case u don't want the dynamic links to be automatic assigned to the default vlan), because every time a trunk link is created trkx or dynx the trunk link passes to the default vlan automatic.