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VLANs over porttrunk 5412zl

Markus Zimmermann
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VLANs over porttrunk 5412zl

Hello together,

I have a question to vlan/vlantrunks inside a porttrunk.
We are using three 5412zl, which should be connected via an 1000SX porttrunk. On this trunk, VLANs should be used across the swtiches too.

Now: Is it necessary, that the Trk1 (which is the connection to the next switch) is a untagged member of the vlan1 (default)?

My workmate means it´s not, but it doesn´t work without configure the Trk1 as an untagged member of the default VLAN.

Thank you, and sorry for my bad english.

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Re: VLANs over porttrunk 5412zl

That depends,

do you have more then just vlan 1? ;-)

You can just tag the trunk into the vlans you want to use. It isn't necessary to have the port untagged in vlan 1. But it must be configured the same way on both ends of the trunk!

Markus Zimmermann
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Re: VLANs over porttrunk 5412zl


we have about 10 vlans. ;-)

Hmmm, we had on both the same configuration. On the port counters there was traffic in both ways and the vlan1 was configured as tagged.

But in all vlans you couldn´t ping anything over the switches.

## SW1
trunk G7-G9 Trk3 Trunk
vlan 1
name "Data"
untagged A7-A22,B1-B24,C1-C12,C15-C24,D1-D24,E1-E24,F1-F24,G4,G10-G24,H1-H4
ip address xxx.xxx.xxx.x
tagged Trk3
no untagged A1-A6,A23-A24,C13-C14

## SW2
trunk B21-B23 Trk1 Trunk
vlan 1
name "Data"
untagged A7-A24,B1-B20,B24-C12,C14-C24,D1-D22,E1-E24,F1-F24
ip address dhcp-bootp
tagged Trk1
no untagged A1-A6,C13
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Re: VLANs over porttrunk 5412zl

with your setup this should work..
Let's find out whats wrong..
sh lldp info rem g7

you should get some infos from sw2 like IP address... and then ping that ip address.

Do you have spanning tree enabled? take a look at "sh span" to make sure the trunk isn't blocked.