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VLan Trunking Between HP 2626 and 3Com 5500 G

Jerome DCosta
Occasional Visitor

VLan Trunking Between HP 2626 and 3Com 5500 G

I want to establish a VLan Trunk between 3Com 5500G Switch to procurve 2626. On 3Com port 24 is Trunk Port, Procure Port 25 is Tagged port in all the vlans. I don't know the LACP configurations. Please help.
Marco Wessel
Valued Contributor

Re: VLan Trunking Between HP 2626 and 3Com 5500 G

Probably your problem is caused by confusion applicable to the term 'trunk'. A trunk is a single connection over which multiple channels are carried. The term originates from the telco world, but it applies just as well to 802.1Q vlan tags. Unfortunately, some manufacturers of gear have introduced a confusion into the word, where they see a trunk as the /exact/ opposite of the above description: multiple physical connections over which a single channel is carried. This, really, is called link aggregation. (In practice, they can of course be mixed: an 802.1q trunk can just as well be carried over an aggregated link).

So if you want to set up 802.1q vlan tagging, all you need to do is make sure that both ports are tagged members of the vlans you need carried. I'm not completely sure how this works with 3com, but some switches require you to set them explicitly to use 802.1q encapsulation rather than figuring it out themselves like procurves do. You do not need LACP for this, as LACP is for Link Aggregation.

Brian Chan vs6xgj
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Re: VLan Trunking Between HP 2626 and 3Com 5500 G


What you have to do is

For example you have vlan 1 12 and 13
In 3Com switch put this in the port you would like to be the trunk port

port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 12 to 13

In ProCurve switch
Create the trunk, e.g. user port a1

trunk a1 trk1 trunk
and then tag vlan to vlan 1 12 and 13

vlan 1
tagged trk1
vlan 12
tagged trk1
vlan 13
tagged trk1

It should work

Occasional Contributor

Re: VLan Trunking Between HP 2626 and 3Com 5500 G


I have configure two switch as following, it is not work, please suggest me.


Configuration HP 2620

SW-2620(Config)# vlan 109

SW-2620(vlan-109)# name vz

SW-2620(vlan-109)# ip address

SW-2620(vlan-109)# untagged 1-24

SW-2620(vlan-109)# exit


SW-2620(Config)#  trunk 25-26 trk1 lacp

SW-2620(Config)# vlan 109

SW-2620(vlan-109)# tag trk1

SW-2620(vlan-109)# exit

SW-2620(Config)# wr mem


SW-2620(Config)#  ping

Request time out.



Configuration HP A5500


[SW-A5500] vlan 999

[SW-A5500-Vlan999] int vlan 999

[SW-A5500-Vlan-interface999] ip address 24

[SW-A5500-Vlan-interface999] quit


[SW-A5500] int bridge-aggregation 1

[SW-A5500-Bridge-aggregation1] link-aggregation mode dynamig

[SW-A5500-Bridge-aggregation1] quit


[SW-A5500] int gig 1/0/31

[SW-A5500-GigabitEthernet1/0/31] port link-aggregation group 1

[SW-A5500-GigabitEthernet1/0/31] int gig 1/0/32

[SW-A5500-GigabitEthernet1/0/32] port link-aggregation group 1

[SW-A5500-GigabitEthernet1/0/32] quit


[SW-A5500] int bridge-aggregation 1

[SW-A5500-Bridge-aggregation1] port link-type trunk

[SW-A5500-Bridge-aggregation1] port trunk permit all

[SW-A5500-Bridge-aggregation1] quit


[SW-A5500] save