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VOIP on ProCurve 2650

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VOIP on ProCurve 2650


We have a several "HP ProCurve 2650" switches.

I would like to separate and give a priority to IP phones over the rest of the network traffic.
The IP phones have a static IP address of 10.10.200.x
Servers are on the static 10.10.1.x
Workstations are using DHCP with 10.10.100.x

I cannot use any external router or change IP range.
I would like to configure first 5 ports on each switch to have a priority for VOIP.

Would this be possible and how could I accomplish this?

Thank you.
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: VOIP on ProCurve 2650

a couple of points for reference:

1) the 2650 does support "local" routing...but not any dynamic routing protocol like RIP, OSPF, VRRP, IGMP....meaning they can't share routing tables with any other switch...

2) almost every procurve switch supports QoS if QoS comes into the switch from the source...many VoIP phones if configured for 'tagged' (802.1Q) have a setting for QoS - generally priority of "6"...


here is a basic setup of commands needed on each of the switches:

ip routing
vlan 1
ip address 10.10.1.x/24
tag 50

vlan 100
ip address 10.10.100.x/24
tag 50

vlan 200
ip address 10.10.200.x/24
tag 1-5, 50
qos pri 6

some notes:
1) where "x" in each vlan represents 1 for switch 1, 2 for switch 2, etc...

2) you may need to 'tag' more ports for your switch-to-switch connections, so that all 3 vlans are seen on all switches...

3) ip routing only needed on switch 1...it will act like a router for the 3 networks...

4) i normally configure phones to be 'tagged'...if your phones are not that way, make the appropriate change in vlan200 for those ports to be 'untagged'...

5) by setting the qos setting on vlan200 this forces qos at pri 6...again, your phones may already be set that way, this just ensures the function...

i think that's about it...

Regular Advisor

Re: VOIP on ProCurve 2650

Thank you for the tip. I will try to setup the test switch.
If I don't have a IP phone connected to the switch at all, do I still need to configure that switch with VLAN's?
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: VOIP on ProCurve 2650

if no phones, you don't need that vlan...

also, i forgot to mention on vlan 100 (workstations) if there is no DHCP on that vlan, then you will need
'ip helper-address 10.10.1.x' [x for that dhcp srvr] in vlan 100...