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VRRP and OSPF example on 8200/5400zl

d g_1
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VRRP and OSPF example on 8200/5400zl

We have recently purchased 8200/5400zl switches to replace our core network switches(Enterays SSR8000/86000). Currently we are running VRRP, PVST, and OSPF(with md5 authentication on the backbone) on our core with approx 40 VLANS. I am looking for a solid example config of multiple(2-6) 5400/8400 switches in a redunadant topology. Ea switch has a connection to every other switch. Our greatist need is a examples of OSPF and VRRP. Anything will help.

Regards Glen

Case Van Horsen
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Re: VRRP and OSPF example on 8200/5400zl


I've attached contains a sanitized version of the configuration in our test lab. There are two redundnat 54xx switches using VRRP. They are connected to a Layer3 backbone using OSPF as the routing protocol.

This should get you started.


ps. I hope I didn't make a type when I sanitized the config. Please let me know if something doesn't make sense.