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Re: VRRP on 3500

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VRRP on 3500

I'm having a little difficulty here. I have 2 units of ProCurve 3500 with a ProCurve 2626. The 2626 (VLAN100 tagged port 1 & 2) are connected to the 3500 (VLAN100 tagged port 1 on both units). My PC connects to 2626 at port 3 untagged VLAN 100, and its default gateway points to the virtual-ip-address of (pls see attach config).
I ping when both units are working. No issue. When I power down the Owner, the Backup took over but instead of using the virtual-ip-address, it used its own physical IP address (which is Any idea what have I missed out?
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Re: VRRP on 3500

To me your config looks right. The post below also sounds like the same issue you're seeing:


K.11.33 is out now, although there are no VRRP listed fixes in there, I'd recommend you try it just in case as sometimes unlisted bugs are fixed. (If you're not already running it).

If you're still having the same problem, contact HP support and let us know how you go. Have 'show tech all' reports from the switch ready and any of the show vrrp commands too should help.
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Re: VRRP on 3500

HI Jaguar

Can you show us the output of:

show vrrp vlan 100 vrid 1 config

Thanks !
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Re: VRRP on 3500

this is known inconvenience of VRRP standard. If owner is down, you can never ping that ip address, but backup switch will definately work as a default gateway. So only thing is, that since physical interface with IP is down, no interface will respond, but redundancy works just fine !

This is caused by standard, sorry :)
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Re: VRRP on 3500

Thanks tomastomas, you learn something new everyday..



The question of whether or not a VRRP backup (which has become master) should
respond to ping. It was noted this is confusing for customers if they cannot ping the router even though it is forwarding traffic. Much discussion ensued. The benefits of not responding are it makes a down owner noticeable by network management. The default behavior should be not to respond (although specific implementations may implement a switch).

Don't forget to assign points.

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Re: VRRP on 3500

I'm experiencing this kind of problem too. I configured two ProCurve 8212zl switches with VRRP (with more than one vlan) and I've got the same problem. If I ping the virtual ip address (eg. it works only if the owner remanis UP. If I power it down I don't get any response by ping of virtual ip address.
The "sh vrrp vlan 4 statistics" commmand on the back up VR shows this:

VRRP Virtual Router Statistics Information

Vlan ID : 4
Virtual Router ID : 4
State : Master
Up Time : 62 mins
Virtual MAC Address : 00005e-000104
Master's IP Address :
Associated IP Addr Count : 1 Near Failovers : 4
Advertise Pkts Rx : 3671 Become Master : 1
Zero Priority Rx : 0 Zero Priority Tx : 0
Bad Length Pkts : 0 Bad Type Pkts : 0
Mismatched Interval Pkts : 0 Mismatched Addr List Pkts : 0
Mismatched IP TTL Pkts : 0 Mismatched Auth Type Pkts : 0

Is it the same problem?