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Validation of network design

Jag Nagra
Occasional Visitor

Validation of network design


We have an environment where we have 2 servers connected to 2 different switches. Each server has 8 NIC ports connected with 4 going into one switch and the remaining 4 ports into the other switch. On each server we have set up a network team made up of the 8 ports. There is a trunk between the two switches which is made up of 4 x 1gb CAT 5e cables connected across ports 45-48 on each switch.

We have used Switch Assisted Load Balancing with Fault Tolerance. The 8 ports on the switch are configured into a single trunk group. STp is enabled on the switches.

I have attached a document which shows how our 2 servers are connected to the 2 switches and using which ports on the cards within the servers. The server and the NICS have had firmware update 9.2 applied recently.

Can anyone advise if this is the best way to set this link up.