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Various PCM+2.2 upgrade issues

Tony Barrett_2
Frequent Advisor

Various PCM+2.2 upgrade issues

I've recently upgraded my PCM+2.1 install to 2.2. Upgrade went smoothly, no errors reported. The PCM install is linked into NNM7.01. Syncing is working fine (according the the NNM events). Following the upgrade, I do have some issues though, that don't seem to be obviously fixable.

Sorry to list them all here. I may split them out if necessary.

1. All switches are listed ok, but when I try and re-discover a switch, I step through the wizard fine, until the point of actual dicovery, when it just sits there and never completes. I have to halt the process.

2. When trying to delete a switch (tried doing this so I can try manual discovery), again, no problems in the wizard until the deletion, when again, it never completes.

3. If I try and change between 'Image' and 'Live View' on a switch, I get an IE error saying 'Page cannot be displayed'. Java is installed and working fine.

4. The 'Default scan device policy' that runs nightly at 2am never completes. Gets to 94% then stalls. If I try and cancel the action, I get the confirmation dialogue and select Ok, but the process never actually stops.

I know communications are working ok, as when I test communication parameters in PCM, everything comes back 'Success'.

Any ideas?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Various PCM+2.2 upgrade issues

Tony, do you possibly have another server you could perform a fresh installation of 2.2 on? I know it's a pain in the neck but I'd always try a fresh installation if running into any problems.

I have also seen an issue with deleting devices with 2.2, but that was only with older 4000M switches.

Also make sure that your server meets the minimum system requirements, as they have gone up a bit with 2.2.