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Virtual Connect - strange behaviour

Regular Advisor

Virtual Connect - strange behaviour


We have a c7000 blade enclosure with in bay 1,2, 5 and 6 Virtual Connect modules loaded. We use G1 BL460c Blades loaded with a mc532m mezz card in slot 2.

The following occurs:
I have setup two networks, network 1 is connected to the uplinks located on module 1 and 2, network 2 is connected to the uplinks on modules 5 and 6.

I see a large amount of NICs in Windows 2003 (which is normal behaviour), the NICs that are connected to Bay 1 and 2 are properly connected and can be used.

The NICs connected to bay 5 and 6 don't work at all. From an Procurve 2810 i push untagged traffic trough the ports but nothing arrives. I have no vlans configured to make sure no vlan misconfiguration should exist, everything is just plain untagged traffic.

VC is in 'mapped' mode.

Anyone here that can give me some tips where i should look?