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Virtual Network

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Virtual Network

HI All

Will someone explain me what is virtual Lan and what is the benifit of this for my Lan .
Can I monitor My network Traffic with it.

Some times I Have to monitor that which link is making choke in my Lan how can I do that.

Waiting for your Reply

Sachin Rajput
Jonathan Axford
Trusted Contributor

Re: Virtual Network

Hi Sachin, A Virtual LAN allows you to define the position of workstations/Hosts on something other that physical location.

E.G Instead of all the hosts on one floor of a building having to be in the same LAN(Subnet) you could have half in VLAN 1 and half in VLAN 2 So you can classify hosts by function,Department etc.

We have multiple VLANS here, We use one for Phones which keeps them seperate from the PC's and this VLAN exists in lots of places, But all of the devices are in the same 'Network'

You could use a VLAN to seperate the traffic that you want to monitor from the rest of the traffic....
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