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Vlan Routing (Gateway)Problem

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Vlan Routing (Gateway)Problem


some problems here. Please help. Perhaps I forgot something.

I configured one Procurve 5300XL. Creating 3 Vlans.

Vlan 1(default) = Vlan for the PC clients
Vlan 2(Server) = for the Server which will be installed in future
vlan 3(Managment Vlan) = should be the vlan for the ITManagment (IP Adresses of the switches and RILO..)

By the way a question for understandig.

for routing between the Vlans there are two possible ways. am I right?

1. enable routing - So the Switch write the route automaticly
2. set the routes per hand for example vlan2 in vlan1 of vlan2)

I try it both ways alone and together but doesnt work anyway.

after the cli command "ip route" I get the message "The gateway IP address cant be the IP address of the switch.

Its also not be able to ping the gateway ( from a client in vlan2 with the correct IP addressing theme and gateway entry.

I tested different cables, ports.... All Firewalls are off!!

After that I configured a second 5300XL but same result!

Whats going on here?

The config file is in the attachement. The are also trunks configured on the switch and so on. perhaps somebody see the mistake.

Have somebody an idea I'm at the end of my knowledge.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Vlan Routing (Gateway)Problem


Basically, the 5300 has a L3 functionality such as Routing.

Routing can be done Statically (when administrators enter a static routes like the default route) or Dynamically (you can have RIPv1,2 and OSPF).

Also you can have Routing between the switch's Vlans, so if you configured multiple Vlans and enable routing (command: ip routing) it will start routing between its Vlans.

Each Vlan's IP address won;t be in the routing table until you have at least one client in this particular Vlan.

Say you have a 5300 connected to nothing, and you configured multiple Vlans then you enable IP Routing, and after that you typed:
show ip route, you won't get your Vlans IP addresses, if you then connect one client to Vlan2, you will get its IP address in the routing table.

One fact that you can't route statically between the Vlans like this: ip route
because that what the "IP Routing" command doing.

For more information about routing between Vlans on the 5300 switch, read the following example:

If you need more clarifications you are welcome :)

Good Luck !!!
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