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Vlan on 1700-24

Maxime Bernier
Occasional Advisor

Vlan on 1700-24


First of all, i dont know a lot about vlan, so please be gentle.


Is possible with this switch to create multiple vlan and share one port where my router/dhcp is plugged in.

I need to share internet between 7 offices, they should only see port where the internet is connected but not the other offices.


I created multiple vlan, assign each ports to it but it seems my internet port cannot be in multiple PVID.


Can anyone help me with this please



Frequent Advisor

Re: Vlan on 1700-24



it is possible. But it belongs to your router/dhcp, whether it supports VLANs. U configure each uplink of the office with its vlan untagged and the port with the router needs all vlan's tagged. Then u have to configure your router that it gots all vlans tagged on the port to the switch. U have to configure a routing protocol your u make static routes. at last u have to create access control lists (acl's) that deny the communication between the subnets and just allow the communictaion to the internet.