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Vlan on 1800-24G Switch

Occasional Contributor

Vlan on 1800-24G Switch

I'm used to manage 25 an 28 series switch with telnet interface. But with the light web interface of the 1800 switch I'm a bit lost.

Actually the switch is default config with a static IP from my Lan.
Id' like to :
- assign ports 1 through 10 to vlan 12 (the local untagged vlan)
- assign port 20 to vlan 99 (wifi untagged vlan)
- assign port 24 to both vlans (12=untagged and 99=tagged)
this port is connected to a 2824 switch, already set to 12=untagged and 99=tagged. All servers trafic go through this link.
The 1800 switch is also managed through this link.

Each time I try to configure the switch the way I would like to, I lose the web interface and communication with the vlans. And I must retrun to factory default.

Do I something wrong?

thanks for help.
Dan Laws
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Re: Vlan on 1800-24G Switch

I'm not a procurve expert, but it seems to me that only the ports that need to allow traffic for both vlans need to be set to tagged and the rest left untagged. I'm referring to port 24 on the 1800 and the corresponding port on the 2824. I found instructions for the 1800's web interface on the following page:

Good luck.
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Re: Vlan on 1800-24G Switch

By reading carrefully the doc, I may have a clue :
-PVID is synonym of untagged vlan ID (it confirms what I thought)
-"The switch management interface is on VLAN 1 (this cannot be changed)"

So I'll try to tag vlans 1,12 and 99 on the port 24, and do the same on the 2810-24G switch.

I hope this will be correct.

Thank you!

Re: Vlan on 1800-24G Switch


I got the same problems myself. I am very close to giving up on these switches. I just wanted a cheap gigabit switch, but I have learned the hard way that you get what you pay for.

But one thing I have succeeded in doing is to change management VLAN. If you upgrade the switch software to version PB.02.08 you will be able to set a different VLAN.

I also want to use a trunk for extra speed. This works with all the VLANS I want to use, but the untagged ports is not working at all.

If you find a solution I will be happy to know about it!

Best regards

Rune Millerjord
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Re: Vlan on 1800-24G Switch

I have finally succeeded in configuring my vlans.

the interface is very poor but it finaly works.
Here is how I did it :
1) connect on the switch default ip at

2) update the switch firmware. last download here : http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/

3) change the switch IP to my vlan12's address (192.168.230.x)

4) reconfigure browser's network card to vlan 12 network (statically).

5) reconnect to the new switch IP

6) Add Vlan 12 and check members ports on it : 1-10 and 24. and APPLY

7) Add vlan 99 and check members ports : 20 and 24 and APPLY

8) in vlan ports configuration assign untagged ports:
- 1-10 to PVID 12
- 20 to PVID 99
- 24 Check "Tagged only" and PVID none (thanks Dan Laws)
The web interface connection is Lost.

9) Connect the browser on the swich to a still PVID 1 port : 11-19 for me.

10) reconnect to the switch

11) change the vlan management ID to 12 in IP configuration.

12) reconnect the browser to a PVID 12 port (1-10).

13) reconnect to the switch. You can uncheck ports 1-10 on vlan ID 1 members.

now I have :
*ports 1-10 vlan ID 12 untagged
*ports 11-19,21-23 vlan ID 1 untagged (unused for now)
*port 20 vlan ID 99 untagged
*port 24 VID 1,12,99 all tagged

And it comunicates well with the rest of network via the 2810-24G switch.

I hope this helps.