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Vlan setup 2650 switch

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Vlan setup 2650 switch

I am trying to setup 4 vlans on a HP 2650, to separate two departments, both departments to access the same server and the internet, I wish to keep them on the same ip address, keeping port 49 and 50 open for management and add further switches .

The following have been done but happy to make changes:

Ip address of the switch

Default vlanid 1 – port 46-50 tagged port 41
Dept2 vlanid 11 – port 1-33 tagged port 41
Dept1 vlanid 10 – port 34-40
tagged port 41
ServersInet vlanid 5 - port 41-45 tagged port 41 and 50

Please advice me how I may achieve this. An example would be very helpful, DHCP is enable on the server (windows 2000), and for this reason I do not wish to assign ip addresses to each vlan.
Problem not able to ping the server from either vlan. ( I have read the notes but very confusing)

Any help will be much appreciated. Flash has been upgraded to the latest version for the switch.

Matt Hobbs
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Re: Vlan setup 2650 switch

Hi Raf,

If you want to keep everyone on the same IP subnet, but you want to prevent some users from reaching each other, then you should use source port filters instead of VLANs.

If you wish to use VLANs, each VLAN would need to be on it's own IP subnet. Each VLAN would need to be configured with an ip helper address that points to your current DHCP server. The DHCP server would need to have new IP address pools configured for these new subnets.

Then on top of this, to prevent VLANs from communicating to hosts on other VLANs, you would need to use Access Control Lists which the 2600 series do not support.

In this case I think you're better off trying source port filters to meet your requirement. You can read about this here: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/Security-Oct2005-59906024-Chap10-Traf-Security-Filts.pdf

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Re: Vlan setup 2650 switch

thanks for the reply will try the suggestion and let u know.