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Vlan with procurve 9304

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Vlan with procurve 9304

i've got a problem with my 9304 (J4139A).
There is the default VLAN, ID 1 and i create a new VLAN, named PUBLIC, id 300.

With a RJ45, i plug a procurve 2524 with the same VLAN (id 1 and 300). The port 1 of the 2524 is plug on the port 1 of the 9304. 2524's port is tagged with vlan 1 and 300. No problem with this switch.
It's more difficult to tag vlan 1 and vlan 300 on the 9304. 9304 doesn't want to tag a port with the default Vlan. So ok, i create a new vlan, id 2 and define it to the new default vlan.
Now i can tag the port with vlan 1 and vlan 300.
but it doesn't work... 2 computers plugged into the 2524 and the 9304, members of VLAN 300, they can't communicate. Its like 9304 didn't tag paquets with ID 300...

Can anyone help me ??
thanks and sorry for my English.
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: Vlan with procurve 9304

>>> 9304 doesn't want to tag a port with the default Vlan <<<
you must explicitly configure that a port uses both tagged and untagged packets

look at : http://ftp.hp.com/pub/networking/software/9300m-Install-Jun2005-59906028-Chap11.pdf
Configuring a tagged port as a dual-mode port allows it to accept and transmit both tagged traffic and untagged
traffic at the same time. A dual-mode port accepts and transmits frames belonging to VLANs configured for the
port, as well as frames belonging to the default VLAN (that is, untagged traffic).
ProCurveRS(config)# vlan 20
ProCurveRS(config-vlan-20)# tagged e 2/11
ProCurveRS(config-vlan-20)# tagged e 2/9
ProCurveRS(config-vlan-20)# int e 2/11
ProCurveRS(config-if-e100-2/11)# dual-mode
ProCurveRS(config-if-e100-2/11)# exit

hope this helps
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Re: Vlan with procurve 9304

Thanx Pieter 't Hart.

I ve tested a few minutes with your help and it seems working!

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Re: Vlan with procurve 9304

i'm reposting because :
2 vlans tagged work for Ethernet RJ 45 port but didn't for gigabit fiber port...!!?
dual-mode don't work with fiber port ?

any ideas ?