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Vlans, DHCP and HP Switch 5308

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John McClintock
Occasional Visitor

Vlans, DHCP and HP Switch 5308

I'm in the process of setting up vlans on my HP Switches (5308). I have a 5308 in each of 6 different buildings. I also have a server in each of the buildings running Microsoft Server 2003. I would like to setup the vlans so that DHCP server is issuing the IP addresses to the particular vlan. I have setup the vlans previously. Has anyone done this type of setup before
Rasmus Teglgaard
Occasional Visitor

Re: Vlans, DHCP and HP Switch 5308


Go into each of the VLANs that the DHCP server does not recide in, and enable IP HelperAddress with the IP address of the server (you can search for IP HelperAddress in the manuals if needed).

Then create each of the scopes on the DHCP server, but remember to add the Router option with the address of the routing switch (5300XL).


See relaying IP addresses to a remote server!

Shiraz Malik

Re: Vlans, DHCP and HP Switch 5308

Hi John,
As you already have the VLANs then 5308 must have the routing enabled. Am i right? Ok, if this is the case then all you need to do is enable dhcp relay at the global configuration context level and then configure ip helper address (IP address of your DHCP server) on VLAN configuration context level.
On your windows 2003 server, configure a scope for each vlan. DHCP server matches the scope with the IP address of the relay agent, so your clients in different VLANs should receive appropriate IPs, if you have configured the DHCP server properly.
For further help, below are the commands you might need to run:

#To enable dhcp relay on the router (5308)
HPswitch(config)# dhcp-relay

#To configure helper address
HPswitch(conf)# vlan < vlan-id >
HPswitch(vlan-)# ip helper-address < your.dhcp.server.ip >

You can define more dhcp servers by running the "ip helper-address" command again, in case you have more than 1 dhscp server in your building.

I hope this helps.