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Voice - Data Vlan

Lamin Sonko
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Voice - Data Vlan


I have ordered several ProCurve Switch 2650, and wants to use Nortels ip-phones. Is there a possibility to use one Vlan for voice and one Vlan for datatraffic.
On Nortels phone there is a switch

I want to use one port on my proCurve for voice and data.

I have heard that i can creat tagged ports. Does it meen that i can set port 1 for vlan 5 and 6. Tagged traffic (voice) should go to vlan 5, and untagged should go to vlan 5?
vlan 5 for voice
vlan 6 for data
on port 1

I am new to this, a simple configuration example would been nice.
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Re: Voice - Data Vlan

I believe you would untagg the port for vlan6 and tag the port vlan5

The phone should boot to vlan6, realize it belongs in 5 and reboot to vlan5

tag the voice (can tag multiple times)
untag the data (can only untag once)


Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Voice - Data Vlan


Check your IP Phones if it can have 802.1Q Tagging.

In this case on the ProCurve Switch, tag the port connecting to the phone to a Voice Vlan, and Untagg it for Data Vlan.

This Scenario if you want to use the the IP Phone to connect to a PC also.

Be sure to update your 2650 to the latest firmware, http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/switches.htm

And give your Voice Vlan a higher Priority.

Good Luck !!!
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