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Voice VLAN and data VLAN on same port

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Voice VLAN and data VLAN on same port



Is it possible to configure both voice vlan and data vlan on the same switch port, I am using HP A5500 switch

Jeff Brownell
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Re: Voice VLAN and data VLAN on same port

We use hybrid ports where we need more than one untagged vlan on a port.  It is also used for VOIP user ports as a best practice.  


You need to configure VoIP ports as hybrid ports.  On H3C switches, the voice VLAN uses automatic mode by default.  In this mode, the switch identifies IP phones by their source MAC addresses OUI field of the phone’s untagged frames.  The switch matches these Organizational Unique Identifiers (OUIs) to its stored list.  The list already includes those for Cisco, Avaya, 3Com, Siemens, and Polycom phones.  You can also add OUI addresses for other vendors.  If the device finds a match, it automatically assigns the port to the voice VLAN, applies ACL rules to the port, and assigns the port the correct QoS priority.  You can also configure the switch’s voice VLAN aging time, which determines how long the port is considered part of the VLAN without receiving frames on the device.  For further information refer to the Access volume and Voice VLAN chapters of the HP A-Series switch documentation.


When setting up hybrid ports, set a vlan other than vlan 1 as the interface ip port and remove vlan 1 from all hybrid ports.  On your trunk ports to core set up as pvid to your new management vlan number and remove vlan 1 as pvid. For user Voip/PC ports set up as hybrid with the user data vlan as pvid and voip vlan as tagged.   Set all other ports as access ports with a single untagged vlan.



Access ports

[HP]port-group manual client1

[HP-port-group-manual-client1] group-member Gi 1/0/1 to Gi 1/0/24

[HP-port-group-manual-client1] port link-type access

[HP-port-group-manual-client1] port access vlan 200


Voice ports

[HP]port-group manual pc-phone-1

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]group-member Gi 1/0/25 to Gi 1/0/46

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]port link-type hybrid

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]port hybrid vlan 200 untagged

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]port hybrid vlan 100 tagged

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]port hybrid pvid vlan 200

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]undo port hybrid vlan 1

[HP-port-group-manual-pc-phone-1]voice vlan 100 enable



 You dont have to use the group-memeber format for hybrid port.  It is basically the equivalent of Ciscos port range functionality