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WOL on HP 5406zl


WOL on HP 5406zl

Hi all,


Three months ago we bought two HP 5406zl switches. We had originally set a fixed VLAN on the ports. Now we set radius authentication with Windows 2008R2 and set the mac-authentication on switches. WOL now works only on fixed vlan ports. When I turn on the mac-authentication on specified port, WOL stops working.

I need some help with a problem.


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Re: WOL on HP 5406zl


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Re: WOL on HP 5406zl

I Have exactly the same problem since we use IEEE 802.1x Authentication.

I found some Info on the Cisco Site.


Using IEEE 802.1x Authentication with Wake-on-LAN

The IEEE 802.1x wake-on-LAN (WoL) feature allows dormant PCs to be powered when the switch receives a specific Ethernet frame, known as the magic packet. You can use this feature in environments where administrators need to connect to systems that have been powered down. This feature is also known as the unidirectional controlled port in the IEEE 802.1x standard.

When a host that uses WoL are attached through an IEEE 802.1x port and the host powers off, the IEEE 802.1x port becomes unauthorized. The port can only receive and send EAPOL packets, and WoL magic packets cannot reach the host. When the PC is powered off, it is not authorized, and the switch port is not opened.

When the switch uses IEEE 802.1x authentication with WoL, the switch forwards traffic to unauthorized IEEE 802.1x ports, including magic packets. While the port is unauthorized, the switch continues to block ingress traffic other than EAPOL packets. The host can receive packets but cannot send packets to other devices in the network.



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