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Wake up on LAN + Procurve HP2650

Pasquier PAlex
Occasional Contributor

Wake up on LAN + Procurve HP2650

I'm using a HP2650 switch and wol with my PCs.
With other switchs, I meet no pb, but the HP2650 doesn't seem to let my magic packets doing their work.
I'm using the linux command ether-wake.
Does anyone know (scorpions) why ? Or what can I do (the corrs) ?

Thank you by advance
Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: Wake up on LAN + Procurve HP2650

Did you turn off LACP on the ports?

Turning off lacp on all ports
>no lacp all

hopefully it helps
Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: Wake up on LAN + Procurve HP2650

According to the following website, Magic Packets Wake on LAN is essentially an IP directed broadcast.


The 2600/2800/4100/6100's do not forward IP directed broadcasts by default. Page 7-12 in the Advanced Traffic Management Guide explains how to enable forwarding of IP directed broadcasts.


Please note that enabling this feature causes the 2600 to forward all types of IP directed broadcasts (net-directed, sub-net-directed, and all-sub-nets directed). Specific broadcast types cannot be specified.