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Web Management on ProCurve 2626 Switch

Billy Cooter
Occasional Advisor

Web Management on ProCurve 2626 Switch

I just purchased two used HP Procurve 2626 switches and they seem to work great.

I do have one problem though that I am having a hard time finding an answer for....and I have searched the manual and forums to no avail.

When using a computer that is directly connect to the switch I am able to connect to the switches web management utility without a problem.

However I cannot access this management tool via the internet, which is something I need to be able to do.

I have found the screen that allows me to set rules for which IP's can connect to the management tool adn which cannot, but since I am needing to access it over the net from multiple locations I cannot guarantee an IP and need to set the rules so that with the username and password I can access the switches web based management from any IP.

If anyone knows how to do this, or were the trick to this is found I would greatly appreciate it.

Billy Cooter
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Web Management on ProCurve 2626 Switch

After you've set a password for manager and password for operator, the only other thing you'll need to do to is set your default gateway to your router.

2626(config)# password manager
2626(config)# password operator
2626(config)# ip default-gateway

You can also specify a username along with the manager and operator accounts, otherwise when connecting to the web interface just leave the username blank and enter the password only.

Since you'll be connecting over the Internet I'd recommend you look at enabling the SSL feature and disabling the plaintext


Billy Cooter
Occasional Advisor

Re: Web Management on ProCurve 2626 Switch

Thanks for the reply. I appologize but I do feel a little slow here..

I did set a username as well as a password for manager and operator.

I also did set the gateway to that of the gateway IP that the DC gave me.

I already enabled SSL and even generated a cert.

I can ping the unit over the web successfully so I know that it is reachable...I just can't get a login screen to manage it.

Thanks again...Billy
Billy Cooter
Occasional Advisor

Re: Web Management on ProCurve 2626 Switch

I figured it out....it had created that rule automatically to allow that one local computer to access the web administration screen.

However this prevented ALL connections except that one to fail. I deleted that rule and now I can connect from any computer with internet access.

Thanks again for the help.