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Web interface on ProCurve 4000m?


Web interface on ProCurve 4000m?

We recently installed a ProCurve 4000m switch (8 10-port 10/100 modules). Seems to be a solid switch but I've had some major issues with the web interface. Ended up pretty much having to use the console interface to configure the thing (console interface is quite good).

The web interface either behaves extremely erratically in either IE or Firefox or won't respond at all unless the switch is rebooted.

Is this a common issue with the ProCurve switches? Any recommendations on versions of Java I should be using to get the interface to quit freezing up (does the same from any computer--Linux or Windows).

Just somewhat frustrating. :-)

HP J4121A ProCurve Switch 4000M
Firmware revision C.09.22
ROM Version : C.06.01
Rod Evans

Re: Web interface on ProCurve 4000m?

Hi Ray,

I am using a 2424M which is very similar (its the baby brother to your 4000).

I found the best solution was IE using MSjava. I had sun java on it the pc for a while and it didnt seem to like it too much. However the MSjava worked fine.

Im surprised you are having problems with it at all. Have you tried degrading the firmware, rebooting the switch and seeing if it works properly? Give that a shot then reload the latest firmware. See if the problem still exists.

Hope it helps..