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What SFP Transceiver do I need?

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What SFP Transceiver do I need?

Hey all, 

We just purchased a HP Aruba 2530-24G (J9776A) switch for our meeting rooms. We are connecting the switch to another switch using single-mode fiber. I'm new to networking and wasn't aware that I needed to purchase a SFP Transceiver to hook up the fiber line to our switch. HP sent me a list of compatible SFP's and I can't figure out which one will work for my setup, or if multiple ones will work but SFP "A" is better than SFP "B" but both would work. Can anyone give me some feedback on where to go from here? Attached is the list of compatible SFP's that HP sent me. Thanks!

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Re: What SFP Transceiver do I need?



Based on the fiber cable distane you can select Transceiver module.


J4859C- It will support upto 10Km.