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What is best LAN design?


What is best LAN design?

Hi everyone,

I am migrating from 147.x.y.z to 10.x.y.z subnet range. All existing switches have default vlan and single management IP address, no other configuration.

My switches are:
Floor 4 1 x Procurve 2848 core, 4 x 2524s
Floor 3 1 x Procurve 2524s
Floor 2 1 x Procurve 2848
Floor 1 4 x Procurve 2524s

I'm running a w2k3 DC DNS/DHCP server 147.x.y.z

What is the HP Procurve recommended method of building a vlan solution to migrate each from to the new subnet architecture?

Any suggestions much appreciated!
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: What is best LAN design?

hi ...
so you want migrating new network subnet
in my opinion you create three sperate vlan

vlan 1 for management default-vlan

vlan 2 for server vlan all DC DNS DHCP servers on vlan 2 and network address switch vlan 2 interface address and all server default gateway address this vlan 2 interface address

vlan 3 for user vlan and network address switch vlan 3 interface address and all pc ip address (dhcp scobe)same subnet and all pc default gateway switch vlan 3 ip address (

you make create dhcp server on for vlan 3 ip scobe and all user assign ip address this scobe range.

in this way you make sperate broadcast traffic server between users and protech unnecessary brodcast trafic your network

please you send me network switch deploy drawing I send you right config info for your network

good luck..


Frequent Advisor

Re: What is best LAN design?

You have to ask whether you really need vlan's in the first instance.

Are you trying to segregate traffic based on traffic type (voice/data) or location? Are you trying to segregate traffic based on provided limited access to certain parts of the network to your client machines? If the answer is yes then you need to consider vlans. Otherwise you probably don't!

Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: What is best LAN design?


Add to all above nice suggestions a few comments:

1- For best practices, you should consider Vlans if you have more than 100 end device in one Subnet (for better Network Healthy and Efficiency).

2- Once you create the Vlans, then you need to enable Routing between them, and since you are using the 2800 Series as Core, then you should know that :

- You have a single point of failure with one core.
- The 2800 supports basic L3 routing + 16 static routes.
- The 2800 doesn't support Access control lists, just keep this in Mind :)

Good Luck !!!
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