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Re: What to know about command on procurve compare cisco ?

Convert Switch cisco to
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What to know about command on procurve compare cisco ?

If cisco use
spanning-tree extend system-id
no spanning-tree vlan 1114-1130,1202-1212,1214-1230,1401-1412,1414-1430,1501
no spanning-tree vlan 1502-1512,1514-1530,1601-1612,1614-1630,1701-1707,1709
vlan internal allocation policy ascending
vlan 7,15,60,77-78,80-88,90,101-105,155-226,999,1001,1006-1007,1009-1012
vlan 1014-1022,1024-1030,1101-1107,1109-1112,1114-1130,1202-1212,1214-1230
vlan 1401-1412,1414-1430,1501-1512,1514-1530,1601-1612,1614-1630,1701-1707
vlan 1709-1711,

in procurve must use the command ? because now i must create every VLAN on procurve switch it so hard because have a lot and i must use command tag port uplink every VLAN it so hard.

Please advice me for compatitive command on procurve because i must convert cisco many if it's so hard may be i not change it to procurve
Jeff Carrell
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Re: What to know about command on procurve compare cisco ?

Get this CLI ref guide, it shows how to configure HP ProVision, HP Comware5 and Cisco switches for lots of different functions, in a side-by-side comparison, so if you know one CLI, you see how to do it in a different CLI: