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Re: Which version of firmware to pick for switch?

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Which version of firmware to pick for switch?

I am about to upgrade firmware of HP J9850A Switch 5406Rzl2 switch.

But what is the reason why there are 3 versions with same release date: KB.16.06.0011, KB.16.07.0005, KB.16.08.0003 there:


Also - what is the difference between Current releases and Certified ones?

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Re: Which version of firmware to pick for switch?

The presence of so many software branches concurrently developed by Aruba (I speak about 16.02, 16.06, 16.07 and 16.08...and 16.05 even if I don't understand if Aruba is going to release new builds for that again, leaving out 16.03 and 16.04) is due to the fact that each one has its features set...so 16.08 (the higher one, actually) is the one that provide all latest and cutting-edge features set, the 16.07 has less feature than 16.08, the 16.06 less than 16.07 and so on...this is my take. The discussion could be a little bit more complex (deeper)...but, for sake of simplicity, this is the best simplification I can do about it (there are other threads in which this was discussed, both here in HPE Community and also on Aruba Airheads Community). Glad to continue because it's interesting.


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