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Will someone remember the 5300s

Jason Scott
Regular Advisor

Will someone remember the 5300s

There's a host of great new features appearing in updates for the 3500 and 5400 switches lately such as sflow cli configuration, bpdu filtering and protection and scheduled reloads.

Will these new features make it to the 5300? I really hope HP do not follow Cisco's route and start to release new features only for more modern products in an attempt to force people to upgrade. That was one of the key reasons we left Cisco.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Will someone remember the 5300s


Well, the 5300 is the father of 5400, so how can people forget the father if the son was great - supposingly.

For me, the 5300 needs few featuresand little more switching speed to be a perfect Intelligent switch.

And i think the 5400 still not yet ready to let us forget the 5300.

I wish we will not say Bye Bye 5300 :)
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