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Windows 2008 as ntp server

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Occasional Contributor

Windows 2008 as ntp server

Our switches which can make use of sntp with authentication do not get time updates
from our windows 2008 server. The older switches without the sntp authentication feature are
able to receive ntp time updates.
When I make a wireshark trace on our windows 2008 server I see the NTP request, but the server does not respond.

Is this a known bug ?
SNTP Configuration

SNTP Authentication : Disabled
Time Sync Mode: Sntp
SNTP Mode : Unicast
Poll Interval (sec) [720] : 720
Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface


Image stamp: /sw/code/build/btm(K_15_02)
Oct 20 2010 16:19:41
Boot Image: Secondary
Respected Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 as ntp server

K15.xx is made from K.14.41 and there was a bug with sntp and windows servern, which was fixed later, i guess with K.14.55 or something.. but i guess the fix did't make it to K.15.xx


Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 as ntp server

Does the windows 2008 server eventlog show any events related to this timesync?
You may need to configure audtitting to log more detailed events.

Although not preferred, try broadcast mode to see if this behaves differently.

The switch may require the timeserver itself to be in sync with a master timeserver.

MS reports about ntp in windows server 2008
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc773263(WS.10).aspx :
The W32Time service is not a full-featured NTP solution that meets time-sensitive application needs and is not supported by Microsoft as such. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 939322, Support boundary to configure the Windows Time service for high-accuracy environments (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=179459).

Occasional Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 as ntp server

Just activated w32 debugging logging on our windows 2008 server.

Here I receive the following warning.

Warning: this request expects an authenticated response, but did not provide the client ID. Sounds like we're responding to a server response, which is incorrect behavior. However, this can also be caused by other applications broadcasting NTP packets, using an unrecognized authentication mechanism.

Look likes I am hitting the following bug:
SNTP Authentication (PR_0000048588) â With SNTP authentication disabled, the
switch sends extra, unnecessary authentication information in the SNTP request packet.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 as ntp server

Sounds similar to thread 1455161

Should be fixed in K.15.03, which is available now. Not yet released on the web, but can be obtained via support.



Ingentive Networks GmbH
Occasional Contributor

Re: Windows 2008 as ntp server

We hitted the following bug: PR#48588.
The ntp bug has been fixed in K.15.03.0003.