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Windows Network Loadbalancing on Procurve 2824

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Windows Network Loadbalancing on Procurve 2824

Does anyone have experience with Windows Network Loadbalancing on Procurve Switch 2824?
I have a customer that configure a few Servers to work as Windows Network Loadbalancing
(Floating IP add with Floating Mac address all servers are connected to same switch
all ports have the same Mac address) the problem is that they can't connect the servers to
Procurve for load balance every time another server answers for a request.
1) There is a way to turn off
2) Or change the Mac-age-time less then 60 Sec.

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Re: Windows Network Loadbalancing on Procurve 2824

Hello Israel,

Question 2 is easy. Have a look at the manual, chapter 7 page 13:

Reconfigure the Age Time for Learned MAC Addresses. This command corresponds to the MAC Age Interval in the menu interface, and is expressed in seconds.
Syntax: mac-age-time <10 . . 1000000> (seconds)
For example, to configure the age time to seven minutes:
HPswitch(config)# mac-age-time 420

Your first question, I presume this is a windows cluster and the cluster software provides a Virtual IP and MAC for the outside world. Whenever a client opens a conversation to the cluster, the software decides internally which physical server is going to answer. Is this correct?

I would snif (www.ethereal.com) on the switch ports leading to the cluster servers, and I would snif between the clients and the switch port. Also check the ARP/MAC table on the switch for the cluster's virtual MAC address. In other words, I would check if the communication on layer 3 and layer 2 is as it is supposed to be. Keep in mind that when you snif, you might not see what is going on between the clusters.

Also check with MS for known issues. Cluster problems aren't easy.