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Wirless VLAN Question

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Wirless VLAN Question

I have an AP420, 2650 switch, and 7102dl router. I've setup the AP420 management dynamic VLAN as 1 untagged with IP of, with a SSID of guest with VLAN 5 tagged. My switch has 2 vlans, 1 and 5 with the ports of the radio and router as 1 untagged and 5 tagged. The router has 2 subinterfaces with eth 0/1.1 192.168.20.x as Vlan 1 untagged and eth 0/1.2 10.0.0.x as Vlan 5 tagged. I've setup a DHCP server on the router for 10.0.0.x.

Here's what I'm seeing. I can see the guest ssid and connect to it. The radio sees that I've authenticated to the vlan 5, and the mac shows up in the switch as vlan 5, but my router doesn't seem to give out IP's on that network for some reason. If I enter a static IP on the wireless I can browse the net fine. Is there a way that I can run a debug and see if perhaps the router is blocking the dhcp request? I've tried the dhcp server and client, but nothing ever comes up in the router.

Here is the dhcp from the router if that helps
ip dhcp-server pool "wire"
netbios-node-type h-node

Matt Hobbs
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Re: Wirless VLAN Question

What you've done sounds about right to me.

The debug command is:

ProCurve7102dl# debug ip dhcp-server