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Workstation Transfer rates

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Paul Achtelik
Occasional Advisor

Workstation Transfer rates

We have 2 2848 switches and 1 2824 switch all running I.07.31 Firmware. There were 2 VLANs, but now there are no configs for the moment. We upgraded our servers to DL360 G5's. Everything before the upgrade seemed to be running fine off of the old Dell PowerEdge 4300 server with an Intel Pro 1000MT card.

Now it takes 40 minutes to copy an 80mb file off the G5's to any 10/100 client, all clients with 1GB cards are fine. If we stick a few notebooks with 10/100 cards into a cheap 8 port 10/100 switch with the servers, everything works great, the same 80mb file transfers in <10s.

About the only common issue I can find is all the problem machines have 10/100MB Intel Pro VE Cards.

The new servers are not teamed or dual homed right now, and talk to any machine fine at 1GB. If I hardcode the speed on the switch and servers to 100MB FDx, I have the same issue. Tried driver updates, firmware updates, different nics (Intel, Realtek, 3Com, and Broadcom), Rebooted everything.

Communication to the old server is the same no drop in performance.
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Workstation Transfer rates

Update the firmware and enable 'qos-passthrough-mode' - 99 times out of 100 this will solve any transfer performance related issues on the 2800.
Paul Achtelik
Occasional Advisor

Re: Workstation Transfer rates

Fixed the Problem.